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Do Your Music Justice
Do Your Music Justice.

My name is Ryan Weil and I aim to capture your sound at its best potential. With years of experience, industry-leading creative tools, and a high-end signal flow; I ensure that your song, EP, or album is a true representation of your creativity.

High-End Signa Flow
High-End Signal Flow.

Looking to Track? At Weilhouse Productions, a wide selection of industry-standard microphones and preamps are coupled for a huge sound. I exclusively utilize high-quality MOGAMI cables to ensure the cleanest signal flow possible. Record your vocals crystal clear through a 6176, the same channel strip used on Adele's 21.

Attention To Detail
Attention To Detail.

Time to mix? There is a limitless amount of resources for your post-production at Weilhouse Productions. Nearly 100 UAD2 signal-processor emulations are at our disposal to utilize legendary signal chains, including the Neve 1073 EQ, Manley VariMu, SSL G Bus Compressor, EMT Plate Reverbs, etc. Want to add some punch to your drums? Steven Slate Trigger 2.0 coupled with the Blackbird Studio library will allow for punchy layered drums, comparable to your favorite studio releases.


Awards for Weilhouse & Past Releases

Best Producer/Engineer of 2016 - Makin Waves

Backyard Superheroes - Never Give Up, Never Surrender (2018)

Elephant Talk Top Album 2018

Fun While You Wait - Continuity (2016)

Makin Waves Top 20 Indie Record Releases of 2016 #5

P-Funk North - Buds Won't Break Your Heart (2016)

Makin Waves Top 20 Indie Record Releases of 2016 #17

What People Are Saying



Working with Weilhouse Productions to engineer/produce our record is one of the best decisions my band has ever made! Ryan is a fantastic engineer, he’s super easy to work with, and he’s a great guy to boot! Joker’s Republic is VERY happy with the final product and would easily recommend Weilhouse to anyone looking to make a statement with their work.



Comfortable recording environment. Ryan always captures our sound and ideas no matter what we come in with. Very reliable and affordable. Highly recommended!



Just finished up our new album with Ryan at Weilhouse Productions and I’m so happy with how it came out. He captured our sound 1000% and even had some suggestions that amplified the sound that much more. Absolute genius on the board. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!




Ryan is an incredible engineer who has helped produce and mix multiple projects and releases that I have been involved with, including a song for an indie film, a full-length album, an EP, and tons of singles. He puts a crazy amount of effort into his work and the turnout is always way more than bargained for. Get some bang for your buck at Weilhouse!



Ryan not only has the ear and insight of an engineer but as a multi-faceted musician himself he also understands the needs of a recording artist. He delivers quality work every time.

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