High-Quality Tracking, Mixing, and Mastering



Track the recording of your dreams starting from the top.

Drums? Guitar? Horns? Keys? Strings? Percussion?


No Problem.

Want to play independently using a click?

Need to record a scratch?

Maybe you plan on performing all together.


All routes are possible at Weilhouse.



All the parts are tracked and now its time to put it all together.

This is where your raw tracks are given polish and direction to create a full three-dimensional sound. Each track is given it's own attention to ensure it cuts.

Want to add more?

A large amount of delays, echoes, and other effects are also accessible to add some extra polish to your sound. 



Your tracks sound the way you want them, but they're a little on the quiet side compared to your favorite bands.

Enter Mastering.

Note: Weilhouse Productions recommends a studio that specializes in mastering to ensure the loudest possible clear mix.

However, that can get very expensive. Those looking to match-up with their favorite tracks at a more affordable cost can do that right here

Studio Musicianship To Fit Your Sound

Studio Work.jpg


Need live drums for your song?

Fortunately, I have about 10 years of experience behind the kit both on stage and in the studio.

I will quickly put together a beat to bring out your song, or do my best to replicate what you have in mind already, performed cleanly to a click.

My set consists of DDrum AMX Maple Shells with dimensions 20x22, 14x16, 8x12; with a Pork Pie Patina Snare 7x13.

I use all Sabian Cymbals.



Need more than drums?

No problem.

Singer/Songwriters, give me the chords and I'll put together a live guitar or bass track to accommodate your song. 

For bass, I play with an Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray Classic 4-string.

For guitar, I have a modified Ibanez Artcore Hollowbody outfitted with a Burstbucker 3 and Luther Lee custom P90.

Both would be performed direct with amp emulation unless a physical amp is provided.

Weilhouse 2.jpg


Think your track could benefit from live horns? Weilhouse Productions can connect you to some of the best players in the state to track right here!

I can highly recommend Bruce Krywinski, Jr.; a versatile trumpet player, well-versed in jazz, funk, rock, and classical trumpet playing, and can add the perfect flair, sizzle, or charm to your next single, EP, or album.


He has performed and recorded with award-winning artists such as The Front Bottoms, Waiting On Mongo, The Billy Walton Band, Backyard Superheroes, Fun While You Wait, and more.

For more info and his rates, check brucekmusic.com

Record Your Studio Performance in 4K Video



Want to properly document your experience?

Weilhouse Productions has the professional video tools to record your performances in a crisp 4K and smooth 60 frames per second.

Perfect for cover videos or band promos. Top down angles for drums capture everything that happens on the kit, or get the whole room to see the band play together!

If needed, I can also synchronize your video recording to your recorded audio for a full audio/video finished product!

Stationary video is recorded using a GoPro Hero4 Black


Want the ultimate promotional content? Moving stabilized shots will grab people's attention adding more flair to your posts and montages.

Once our audio levels are set, I can bring in an DJI OSMO Plus stabilizer camera and record your performance for crystal clear playback. 

Those looking to put together professional cover videos can look no further. Combine a stationary camera with dynamic shots for the ultimate production, and the ability to alternate between two angles in post.